Rockville Town Square MD

Dinner at La Canela. Very good. Over ate. So stuffed. 


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Food Trucks and beer

What a great combination!! Plus a beautiful day. It was a great event at Ninety9Bottles beer festival in Norwalk CT 



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Dinner w Z ๐Ÿ˜Š

The Spread in Norwalk soooooo good!! Sono Eats this week. Z and I over ate such good food. Pork Belly with white bean puree, Arugala and Salad, Tagliatelle with bolognese, Kobe beef burger and fries, and Apple Fritter with vanilla ice cream and Hazelnut Creme brulee. Such a great night with a bottle of Pinor Nior.

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Just a quick biteย 

And beer before a meeting. World of Beer Stamford. German (Giant) Pretzel and Tavern Totes ๐Ÿ˜‹


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Wet Sunday Brunch in NYC

Such a great brunch even thought we were soaked with the crazy heavy rain in the city on Sunday. Sazon Brunch  



 yummy….oh cant forget the best part 



 Unlimited Sangria for 2 hours!!! I think we had 6 each!!

Then trying to get out of the downpour we stopped in to McKennas Pub on 14th for a couple of beers!

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Sunday Mothers day

It was a georgeous day here yesterday. Sadly my mother and I had so much work to catch up on we didnt do anything. We will once my brother gets back from his business trip. 

I did enjoy an early dinner with 2 of my girlfriends Sareen and Katie. We started at Sign of the Whale with beers and a cheese and meat plate. Then moved down to World of Beer and ate dinner – steak sandwich and fries, dranks beers, and played cornhole. My first time ever playing cornhole. Did pretty good too I must say ๐Ÿ˜ Then a last drink at Bradfords for a quick hello to Billy then off to bed.

Great day!!

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Worlds of Beer – Stamford

Love there giant pretzel!! And there selection of beer and the food of what Ive had. But the service sucks!!! So hard for me to understand that not one bartender checks on us and the bar in only 1 deep…and I mean by that is the row of people sitting/standing at the bar with no one lined up behind that row looking for service. Bartenders never smile, never make small talk, never check on you, never refill you beer….no service other than the first time they get your order after sitting there for 20 minutes. Sorry didnt mean to go on a rant but had to get it off my chest. 

My pretzel I started on 


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Great dinner at Rio in Norwalk!!

Drinks, dinner and a little shopping with the gals Jen and Aniko last night. Rio just has great food!! Everything Ive ever ordered has been fabulous!! Here is what we had last night



Shrimp fajitas


Fish tacos

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Couldnt resist – Stew Leonards soft serve ice cream

I had to get soft serve today….usually I get strawberry because they just have the best strawberry flavor. I got the butter pecan which was definitely good but I missed the actual pecans.  


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LobsterCraft – Rowayton / Norwalk / Darien / Stamford

Surprise Wonderful lunch today with Jen.  

These are amazing lobster rolls!! And today the loster mac & cheese was yummers. They have a new slaw which had apples and sunflower seed…very good!

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